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What You Need to Know About Buying Snow Plows

We are entering the winter season, which means property owners need to prepare for snowy weather. Even in the snowing season, you can now enjoy a smooth internet connection without any hindrances. A ddw36c modem can help you work smoothly, whether it is your office or home. However, finding heaps of snow at your doorstep whenever you leave can also be very frustrating. In the article below, we will discuss all the things to consider before purchasing a snowplow. 

It is easy for snow and ice to accumulate on cold surfaces. The cold weather persists as long as the weather takes to warm up again! The Western Snow Plows available at Advantage Trailer are capable of removing this unwanted snow quickly. 

You can choose from several types, sizes, and strengths of blades to get you through this season and the next. In our service department, we can choose the right snow plow for Chicago and even install it. Before purchasing a snowplow, we understand customers need to research their options. For this reason, we’ve provided a brief overview of how snow plows work and their various features.

Snow Plows Benefits

It is sometimes impossible to clear snow and ice from a long driveway, rural property, or commercial building. Snowplow companies in urban areas charge higher fees that many people do not want to pay. The size of the property or parking lot may make shoveling and snow plow clearing impossible. If this is the case, you should consider our Chicago snow removal services.

Generally, you can get a snowplow to work with your truck or SUV if it is at least half a ton. While this type of snow removal equipment is more expensive initially, its long-term value is much greater.

Which benefits do snowplows provide?                                                                                                                           

● It is better to do the work yourself than hire a snow removal company.

● Plow snow and ice when necessary, not when plow companies are available.

● With a snowblower or shovel, you can clear your driveway much faster.

● Snow removal will be more efficient when there is a large amount of it.

Get in touch with Advantage Trailer if you have questions about snow plows in Chicago or if you’re interested in purchasing one. You can feel comfortable shopping with our expert consultants if you want a free price estimate for a Hiniker plow.

Snow Plows in Chicago: What to Look for

It’s not as easy as just purchasing any of the plows and attaching them to your car, as there are many types and sizes of snowplows available. If you’re looking for a snowplow in Chicago, you should know more about your truck or SUV. These factors include:

● Weight of the vehicle

● The weight limit for the front axle

A variety of snow plow types and weights are available. Similarly, the Western HTS Half-Ton Snow Plow is made for half-ton trucks, and heavier trucks can use the Western Pro Plus.

You can find the FGAW rating on your vehicle by looking at the weight the front end can support. A snowplow that weighs less than a thousand pounds can be very valuable information to know! It weighs 250 pounds, but it’s the lightest plow we carry. The vehicle may suffer damage when your front end is overloaded, so knowing your FGAW Rating is important.

How do I choose a plow material?

You can choose between steel and polyethylene moldboard snow plows when shopping for Chicago snow plows. The steel plow has long been the industry standard. Due to its strength, resistance to rust, and availability, steel is a popular material.

The use of a steel snowplow has some drawbacks. Polyethylene moldboard may be heavier than a poly plow, depending on the reinforcement steel used to support it. In addition, steel is more prone to dents when it comes into contact with small rocks and gravel.

It is easier for snow to slide off a polyethylene moldboard compared to steel. Your plow will work faster and more efficiently. As well as corrosion resistance, it won’t corrode or scratch like steel. Although more expensive, poly plows require a deeper investment upfront. While they may remain useful longer before they need to be repaired or replaced than steel plows, they may still require frequent maintenance.

The differences between V and straight blade plowing 

When looking for a snowplow in Chicago, you can choose between a few different models. Residential customers or property owners may want to consider each model’s advantages and disadvantages.

Straight blade plows – what are they?

A Simple curved moldboard is used to make the straight blade. Over the years, this type of plow has proven itself to be simple, reliable, and durable. They are available in lengths ranging from 6.5 to 10 feet. Generally, straight blades cost less, so you won’t have to break the bank to purchase your first plow. V plows require more maintenance. Hence straight blades may save you money.

V Plows – what are they?

As for the moldboards, they are vertically hinged in the center like on V Plows, but they have the same gentle curve. In addition to changing the blade shape and position, operators can use the plow for a wide variety of tasks. Professionals can benefit from these hinged plows, even though they require some practice to master.

V Plows are flexible, which makes them great. When clearing snow, you can use them in various positions, such as:

●         Position scooped: In the shape of a “V,” the blades push snow forward rather than sideways when moving. A scoop is designed for removing snow from parking lots.

●         Position V: This is where the plows get their name. There is a backward “V” shape to the angled edges of the blade. To clear lanes, use your truck’s side to push snow aside.

●         Straight Blade Position: When you want to clear snow, push snow, or back drag snow at a building, this position works well.

●         Position of side angle: In some cases, a V Plow can also be moved to either side of the vehicle to widen a snow path.

If you like to drive to work during the winter or provide a safe parking lot, owning a snowplow in Chicago is a great idea. You can easily learn how to use or attach this snow removal equipment to your vehicle. The investment will pay off next year as well.

Give Advantage Trailer a call or fill out our online form if you’re interested in purchasing a snowplow or other accessories. Any of our products can be quoted for free by one of our experts.

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